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Suncare - Daily Calming Sun Cream

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Daily Calming Sun Cream
Suggested Retail Price
MOQ (Pcs) : 1 Pcs
Unit Cost, $(FOB Korea) : @US$28.0 / Pcs
Sample Price
MOQ (Pcs) : 45 Pcs
Unit Cost, $(FOB Korea) : @US$5.9
Dealer Price
MOQ (Pcs) : 25,000 Pcs
Unit Cost, $(FOB Korea) : @US$5.90

Only pure and healthy ingredients for your skin.
Safe sun care from baby skin to highly sensitive skin types.

UV Protection / Clinically tested for skin irritation

Safe prescription to purify your skin

All 59 ingredients are safe for any skin type, be it a young child or an adult.

Strong UV protection factor for safety

Ensures long-lasting protection from both the UVA that cause skin aging and the UAB that cause erythema. Powerful UV protection factor ensures the safety of your skin anywhere you go.

Soft, moist form for increased comfort

Easy rolling and covering effect similar to a base product ensure that you can softly spread the product all over your face and feel neat and light no matter how much you apply.

Price validity period 1 month from the date of the invoice
Payment Terms T/T Advance, L/C or Paypal
Shipping and Delivery 3 ~ 14 days after confirmation of order and payment
Packing Standard export packaging
Country of origin Republic of Korea (KR)