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Relaxing Hydrogel Mask
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MOQ (Pcs) : 25,000 Pcs

Relaxing Hydrogel Mask
soothes sensitive skin.

  • AMF with strong moisture absorption properties is combined with snow lotus to form a moisture film, penetrate deeply into the dry skin, and preserve moisture in it for 120 hours, helping to strengthen its barriers.
  • Moisture blocking agent: 120hrs+++ Composite nanoparticles containing AMF silica (Patent Number: 10-2014-005813)
  • Contains the Mysterious Snow Lotus Highland, a flower from highlands that lie over 4,000 meters above sea: Skin moisturizing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory effect
  • Cream-coated hydrogel mask (Patent No. 10-1434855)
  • The addition of the Desert Blend made plants native to arid deserts, helps to regulate the oil-moisture balance of dry skin.
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