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Cleansing - Peeling Pad & Moisture Mask

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Peeling Pad & Moisture Mask
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These days when you hardly see yourself through the veal of the fine dust,
Sebum and oil secretion get worse ...
Oh, makeup is failed for today.
I don't use any makeup these days... all because of excessive exfoliation...
My skin is thin and sensitive, so peeling would be an excessive stimulus...

Quick and easy moisturizing skin finish after cleansing pores

Peeling Pad & Moisture Mask


Step1 Peeling pad

  • BioD ToxIH: Removal of dead skin
  • Kakadu Plum Extract, Biolumino Peel: Smooth skin texture and gloss
  • AQUAXYLTM: Supplies moisture to skin and preserves its balance
  • Revive Complex: Skin Soothing, Skin Vitality
  • Skin Fortifier Complex: Strengthen skin barriers
  • Revitalin PF, Resurrection plant extract: Skin stress reduction

Step2 Moisture Mask

  • Skin Soothing
  • Supplies moisture to skin and preserves its balance
  • Skin Soothing, Skin Vitality
  • Strengthen skin barriers
  • Resurrection plant extract: Skin stress reduction

Key point

  • 2-Step mask with a gentle peeling effect to smoothen the skin by removing waste and dead cells and restore its moisture balance.
  • Step1. Peeling Pad Smooth peeling to restore its elasticity by moisturizing and smoothening it.
    Smoothens and moisturizes bumpy skin with excessive exfoliation and sebum.
    Apply just once a day to clean the pores and moisturize your skin, perfectly removing makeup, exfoliation, microdust and sebum
  • Step2. Moisture mask: Mask for emergency moisture recharge on a busy morning or an exhausted evening

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